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Parent Testimonials

My daughter has gained so much as she learns and grows at Discovery Time. She’s learned her letters and how to write, but also how to be more independent and confident. She's also had a lot of fun and become more social with other kids she doesn't know. She's more than ready for Kindergarten after a year at Discovery Time. 

- Nicki 

A child practices their letters at school.

My son loves to go to preschool. He talks about his friends and teachers all the time. He loves to show us the crafts he’s made.

- Megan

A child holds up a heart during a class party.

The kids love the little playhouse to make items for their friends and play shop. Much fun enjoying crafts and activities. They have learned numbers and recognition from writing practice and songs. The girls love the playground after school and the teachers are kind and supportive. Appreciate the cooperative inclusion through Class Dojo; sharing photos and ideas of what's happening. 

- Terri-Lee

Children work on their letters
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