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June Newsletter

It is hard to believe that our school year is almost at an end. We would like to thank you all for

joining us and helping to create the wonderful dynamic we are fortunate to experience here.

We will be completing our school year in the next three weeks. Our days will maintain much of the same structure and free exploration you expect for your kids. However, we will have a less rigid format for transitions, and plan on taking advantage of the summer weather by spending more time outdoors and bringing the classroom out of the building at every opportunity.

The curriculum for the month will revolve around enhancing our memory and recall skills by revisiting much of what we have learned and done this school year. This will be a great time to see what resonated with each student, who they favored spending time with, what were their most liked activities and maybe even find some topics to explore deeper.

We are having a graduation ceremony for the children who are going to Kindergarten next year. We are so proud of our little graduates!


Dates to Remember:

June 3/4- Show and tell day- (everyone brings something in to show to their class)

June10/11- tie and tutu day- (sport your tie or your tutu)

June 17/18-Game Day and Popsicle Day (Play outdoor games and enjoy the yummy popsicle on a hot day)

June 23 - Graduation Day (11am)

Discovery time team

Kavita and Bhawani


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