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November Newsletter

Our students are settling into our classroom routines, and it is a pleasure

to get to know them better with each passing week.

October has been full of excitement with the fall theme and thrill of

Halloween. Thank you to all the families for sending yummy treats for


In the month of November, we will be learning about means of

Transportations. Children will get a chance to learn about different

transportations. Preschoolers love activities that include playing with

all types of transportation theme items including vehicles such as cars,

trucks, airplanes and more. This topic is part of their everyday lives.

They drive or walk to school, have seen or ridden on a bus or taken an

airplane to go on vacation.

We will be making poppies in honour to remember who have sacrificed their lives to keep us free.

We will be making Diyas (Candles) and talk to children about Diwali Festival. It’s a festival of lights in India.

Children are doing good in tracing the letters. We will start practicing the numbers from this month as well.

With the colder weather quickly approaching, your child should be sure to bring a jacket, snow pant, hat and mitts to school. Please mark the inside tag with your child’s name or initials. Can your child put on his own jacket? We are teaching the children to place their jackets on the floor, lining side up, with the collar closest to the child, and then slip their arms into the sleeves, raise their hands up, and presto, the jacket magically slides down the arms and over bent shoulders into place. Your help with training in the “set up,” or jacket position, is the key to success. Before too long, your child will be able to “set it up” by themselves. The smile of independence and pride on the child’s face is enough to melt your heart.

Dates to remember

November 11- Remembrance Day (School Closed)

Nov 25-26 -Pajama Day

Discovery Time team

Kavita and Bhawani


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