Our Team

Kavita Seghal
Teacher Kavita




Teacher Kavita brings energy, warmth and loads of prior teaching experience to our program.  She got her teaching degree in 2007 in India. Once she completed her degree, she taught grade 8 and 9 for two years; but soon realized that she preferred working with younger children aged 3-6. She has her level 3 Child Supervisor Certificate as well as current CPR training. 


She believes that learning through play helps children develop problem solving skills, social skills, collaboration skills and imagination. She believes strongly in the benefits of outdoor play, open-ended messy crafts and reading books that relate to the classroom themes as well as those celebrating diversity, expressing emotions and modelling behaviors such as sharing. 


Kavita is a mom to two small children of her own.

Bhawani Pokharel
Teacher Bhawani





Teacher Bhawani has an extensive background in child care and a Child Development Assistant certificate.


When asked her favourite activities with children, she lights up as she talks about her love for playing outdoors and being with them while the explore the natural world.


Bhawani is excited to be a part of the children's lives at Discovery Time.

2020/21 Parent Committee



Chair & Registrar - Amrita Virk



Co-Chair - Beth Duffield


Volunteer Coordinator - Nicole Schultz


Communications Coord. - Sabrina Soutar


Fundraising Coordinator - Jules Van Soest


*Treasurer - Christy Bergen


Secretary - Tara Graham


Westmount Community League Liaison -

Carla Stolte

*we are seeking a new parent volunteer to fill this role for the 2021/2022 school year