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All 3 of our children started learning and building social skills in the Discovery Time circle of friends. Our oldest 2 started with teachers Nancy and Tammy who were amazing. Our youngest is a current pupil of teachers Kavita and Bhawani. He loves them. He goes 3 days a week, but wakes up excited every day asking if he gets to go to school today. Teacher Kavita and Bhawani are building a new program that is equally fantastic. My wife and I met so many great kids and neighbours through Discovery Time. Our kids have built strong friendships. Discovery Time was our gateway to the community.

Kaare, Dad

Both of my sons have gone to this preschool and have formed great friendships. My oldest is now in kindergarten and is excelling in all aspects of school, in part due to his experience at Discovery Time. My youngest will be attending for his third year and he loves playing with his friends at his school. The school offers some kind of field trip (usually inschool) every month to expose the students to music, drama, art, safety, aspects of their community and social awareness. The teachers are loving and friendly and provide many opportunities for kids to grow emotionally, academically and socially. An added bonus has been the lifelong friendships I have been able to cultivate in the past 4 yrs. It really is a community hub and makes our family feel connected to other parents, kids and our community!

Dara, Mom

"In only two short mornings, my son was won over by the warmth and attention given to him by the teaching staff at Discovery Time.  He was not yet three when he started so I was a little hesitant to enroll him.  The teachers eliminiated any nerves both he and I experienced.  Now I catch him humming new songs, and talking about his new friends.  He now consistently recognizes letters associated with his name and is mastering more fine motor skills.  I highly recommend Discovery Time to any parent searching for a preschool."  

Tamara, Mom

"I am a mother of three and have had all of my little ones go through Discovery Time Preschool.  I and my children have become part of a fantastic community.  Because of the close relationship Discovery Time has with Westglen, those friendships followed my child into grade school and made for a smooth transition.  My children learned so much at Discovery Time and used the phonics base to become early readers.  It has helped my grade 1 daughter incrediby in school.  The parent co-op structure has meant that I am part of a great community and have friends on every block.  We have done childcare swaps and worked together on community activities.  I can't imagine our lives without the preschool!"  

Diana, Mom

"Parents working together to build a creative and fun learning environment for our kids.  Our teachers bring magic to the childrens' afternoons."    

Ginger, Mom

"It is so fun and it has so much toys.  And we do so much fun crafts with our teachers, and my teacher says I am nice because I stick out my tongue when I work hard"  

Callum, Age 5

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