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January Newsletter

Welcome Back!!! I hope you had a fantastic Christmas and new year and our break was restful!! We had a fun Christmas party and children were so excited to have pajama party at school. We would like to say thank you to all the families for their continuous support. We would also like to say thank you to the families who took care of Frogs, fishes, and plants at school during winter break. We really appreciate your help. We are really looking forward to 2022! We are excited to welcome new families to our preschool!!We have so much fun planned this new year. We have exciting activities planned and many learning opportunities for the children. This month we will be learning about winter animals. Our focus will be learning about polar bears and penguins. We will learn about several popular species of Penguins and hibernation of Polar bears. It will be fun making a den for mummy polar bear and to learn why do mummy polar bear needs a den. We will also be picking up on our fine motor and pre-writing skills. For example, up until now the kids have been practicing their scissor cutting skills freely on things like playdough or on a plane sheet. We will now be focusing on cutting on traced lines. Blubber science- Children will learn how blubber keeps the animals warm. week


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